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Thick MOP Shirt Buttons: Yay or Nay?

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Am I right in thinking thick MOP shirt buttons are merely a modern Italian style import, comparable to aggressively-tapered trousers and super-high collars? Bernhard Roetzel — lover of classic English style (incidentally, my personal persuasion) — reviews his thick MOP experience here and vows never to try them again. Why is it that none of the Jermyn St makers use them, at least not as standard? Nor Charvet, for that matter.


While I appreciate their beauty and luxury factor and, like Roetzel, I like the story behind them, at the risk of over-thinking the issue, something tells me they're not the way to go. The subtle English approach of thin MOP buttons is just a better look to my mind.

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I prefer a fairly thick button but not Borrelli-thick. I really dislike thin buttons though so if anything, I'd choose thick over thin.

That said, I do see it as a bit of a modern trend that may come and go as time passes...
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i order buttons in 2.5mm thickness.
enough heft to feel comfortable when buttoning.

the very thick button are hard to button.

I just bought a few mop buttons that are 2mm thick.
they will do
any thinner and the laundry will break them.
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I don't know the history behind buttons but I prefer moderate thickness. The thickness tends to get in the way of buttoning at some point. I have a couple of Fray shirts which must have the most ridiculously thick buttons in history, like hard nipples. Entertaining but pointless. The buttons I mean.
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