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Apple TV

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Anyone use?

Contemplating getting, but I already have a blu-ray player that does netflix/amazon prime.

Thought it would be cool to put stuff on the screen when the wife and I are sitting on the couch trying to plan 'something'.

Also, being able to integrate itunes into my big reciever would be nice. it has an ipod control, but you have to keep the TV running to see the menu. being able to set it up, then control from my phone would be pretty cool too.

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I really only use it for Netflix.
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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post

I really only use it for Netflix.

I use mine for pretty much everything. I got rid of my dvd player and converted all my dvds to mp4 and now use my apple tv for all my movies, music, podcasts, netflix, and mlb. I never have to go looking for any discs or whatnot and can search all my media from my laptop, iphone, or ipad. It's really handy for centralizing all of your media so allowing you to play through your tv and/or receiver
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Apple tv for movies etc, and the airport connection to the receiver for music. Dont need anything more..
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