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Pictures of VELOUR odd-jackets

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So, long story short: my wife and I traveled to Toronto this past week to attend my company's annual Christmas party. It's a formal affair and as such I'd packed appropriately - MTM suit, cap toe oxfords, french cuffs, etc. - the unfortunate part was that the airline lost my luggage and so I had to scramble to assemble an appropriate outfit on a limited budget. Now I really don't want anyone's opinion as to what I "should have done" because quite frankly I've already "done", what I would appreciate however are any photo examples of velour odd-jackets in action. Yes, that's what I ended up with; a nice-fitting, single-button, notched-lapel black velour odd-jacket, worn with grayish pants, white shirt, silver tie and deep deep burgundy [almost black] shoes...and it looked good. However now I'm left with a velour jacket that I'd like to get some use out of, and am turning to the fine folk of SF to lend a hand.

So who's going to start..........?

Cheers! smile.gif
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Did they make that Velour jacket expressly for me? Am I the only guy that's ever been foolish enough to buy one?

Seriously, someone must have some pics they'd like to share. Anyone?
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No pics but velour jackets look great with plaid trousers.
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There was a thread about velvet sport coats awhile ago, I'll try to find it.


You can take a look through there, not sure if it would be helpful.
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That's a good thread - thanks - I also now realize that I've been calling it a velour jacket when it is velvet ( doh! )
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