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*wonders if Fok & JPC9 are drinking together*
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$300? You guys can do better. bigstar[1].gif
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

(am looking after my 16 month son right now

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Yes, I've been drinking.

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im in for $325

whos gonna beat me?
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Let's do this, gentlemen an others.
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Haha, Fok.

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I'm going to the gym now, but I except people to be balling outta control when I get back. Let's hit $500.


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Originally Posted by SoGent View Post

   so much that i contacted Ron & kopped the tan version too. people in general seem to love that boot.
Glad you love that boot. Fantastic price. People from the internets have contacted me after I sold it to you looking for it, as it is sold out worldwide in that size. Worth the wait, right?

PS - You sure were whiny after getting a great deal and the travel/Sandy-related shipping delay...
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And yes, depending on who the "mystery suit" maker is - i'm in. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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McCallan takes it with $425.

Late breaking news. We will also be auctioning off a green suede duffle bag, Courtesy of Krane, this coming Sunday through Monday. That will be the last Check it out here:

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Our penultimate auction, running for now until Sunday morning, (9 a.m. PST, Dec 30) is for a Made-to-measure (MTM) suit from a new online outfit with a new way of doing things, and hitting the high end, something I’ve seen very little of. Tiberias Clothing will be online soon. The owner wanted to address the community directly:
Hey guys, I know we reached our 10k goal, but let’s dig deep for one big final push. We on SF are overall pretty successful and fortunate to be able to enjoy hobbies. We definitely work hard for everything we obtain, but I think we can give a little without sacrificing too much. I read this and it’s pretty touching stuff. It seems wrong that some kids have the terrible luck of getting sick so early, and if it’s foregoing a daily Starbucks to help out an Evan I think it’s worth it.

Anyway, for the children I have up for auction:
One (1) Hand Tailored suit no reservations on fabrics. Some of the luxury fabrics we have are Loro Piana super 170s and Super 150s
The retail value would be $1800 or $2150 for a 3 piece. We can do a sport coat and trouser or overcoat if the winner prefers:
There are some really interesting fabrics from Loro Piana this season that the winner might consider:
Raw Cashmere from Loro Piana for Overcoats: Made exclusively in natural tones of genuine cashmere, these fabrics are not treated with any dyeing process. They are soft and extremely comfortable, highlighting the soft and lightweight qualities of an exceptional raw material.
Doubled faced fabrics: fabrics that are dyed in a different shade on the reverse makes an unstructured jacket really cool.
Loro Piana Zelander Flower: Merino wool dyed using natural vegetation dyes derived from indigo, logwood etc. Really awesome stuff.

For the fitting process there will be 2 options:
a) order a try-on, the try-on will ship to the customer, they can use the try on to determine how the fit, preferably taking it to a good tailor and seeing what needs to be altered. We will have a self measurement guide created in case that's the route they want to take
The try-on ships free to the customer with a return shipping label included.
b) measuring off their best fitting garment, essentially copying it so to speak. If the person is not comfortable measuring, we will provide a label for which they can mail the garment to us, and then we'll take the measurements and mail it back.

The suits are made in China, fully by hand, and full-canvassed, by Dalian Dayang Trands, which is one of the biggest manufacturers in China (est 1978). This is their top of the line make.

Any mistake on our part, i.e. the customer specified 25" as the sleeve measurement and it came in as a 25.5" we will definitely take care of. We measure the garments when we receive them prior to shipping them out to the customer to do a quick quality check on the measurements.

Also we will offer $100 credit to the customer for any tweaks needed for tailoring to get things perfect.

Turn around times are roughly 6-7 weeks. We also will answer all emails in 24-48 hours. Below are some examples of our work.

We will start the bidding at $500, which is really, a ridiculous steal. Let's get this started, gentlemen.


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Who is the owner? Anyone we know? Is his first name possibly James? And his last name possibly Kirk?
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It's someone who is a member, but at the moment wishes to remain anonymous. He will be posting under a company username.
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