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Blazer suit -- anyone have one?

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Just curious if anyone has a navy blue blazer suit? I've seen one that includes brass button covers making the jacket look like a blazer.

What is the difference between blazers and suit jackets in style or construction?

I'm thinking about have a MTM one made primarily as a travel suit/blazer. Another idea would be to have a second smaller button hole on the back side of the front and sleeve buttons. The suit horn buttons and blazer-style brass buttons would have a second smaller button on the back side with about 1/2" of thread joining them. It would be easy to interchange the suit for blazer buttons. The button holes would be smaller and not visible behind the larger ones.

Your thoughts?
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That's an interesting idea, especially for traveling. I'm not aware of any real difference in the construction of a blazer or a suit jacket. If you get a chance please post a link of this hybrid, I'd like to see it. thanks
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ETA: Nevermind, read the post wrong. Would be interested in seeing the hybrid as well.
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Doesn't Manton have a thread a blazer suit?
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Originally Posted by gsugsu View Post

Doesn't Manton have a thread a blazer suit?

Yep. And Vox had the Swiss Army Suit
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Here is Manton's original thread on the subject from 2008 (most pics still up).

Here is Vox's swiss army suit thread (most pics gone). As I recall the buttons worked in the manner you describe.

I have one like Manton's: I have to say I don't find myself using it as much as I had thought I would. Don't get me wrong, it's a useful addition to your wardrobe, just I find myself picking other navy suits or jackets first most of the time. Mine has patch hip pockets and breast welt - that's the only difference from standard suit construction (wouldn't do patch pockets on a suit usually) - Manton's had three patches and swelled edges, which makes it even more blazery.
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