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Carmina Steinbeck chromexcel or AE Dalton cordovan

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Trying to choose between the following. Any suggestions?

Carmina Steinback chromexcel

AE Dalton cordovan

I am a fan of both brands.
Have a cordovan pair of boots from Carmina for Epaulet (The Anderson jumper boot ) that i like.
Don't own anything in chromexcel.
The Steinbacks do look a little more rugged with their sole which may make them a better addition to my wardrobe. However i do wonder if they are dressy enough for business casual.
I can't tell which one is on a sleeker last. Maybe Carmina?


Thanks in advance!
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IMHO the Carmina is a nicer boot from an esthetic viewpoint. The sole will look no different than a leather soled boot unless you have a penchant for sitting with your feet up on the desk. Completely appropriate for business casual.

Of course, the AE's are shell so you have to decide which you prefer.

I'd take Carmina anytime over AE but that is just my opinion. Depends on your budget and preferences.
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In the long run the biggest difference will be the character of the two leathers.

Cordovan can be maintained with a high shine (good for business casual). Shell is substantial and bit stiff.

Chromexel cannot take a shine and will look more rustic with time (good only for very casual business casual) Chromexel is soft and flexible.
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Just a heads up, we just received the Steinbeck in Burgundy Shell Cordovan. Should be up on the website in the earlier part of this week. It's a GORGEOUS boot. Same specs as the version in Chromexcel.

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Would I be able to find both models in your Manhattan location this weekend?

It seems like I need to become more familiar with chromexcel prior to making a decision. My girlfriend is awesome enough to get me a chromexcel wallet for the holidays, but I am guessing it will take months or more to really appreciate how it will develop over time.
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I always bet on shell and honestly CXL gets pretty rough pretty fast. I like it for boat shoes but not much else. Not at all comparable to shell (and shell loves wings)
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