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Coat with coyote fur collar

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I have attached a picture of a coat I am more than in love with. I was wondering if anyone of you guys know who makes it or where to buy it? Or... any alternative that looks exactly as it biggrin.gif
It looks as if it's coyote fur on the collar and also, what would you say the material is (of the coat)?

image_1355068117590455.jpg 245k .jpg file

I appreciate any help,
Thank you
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Billy Reid has a coat with coyote fur collar: Here.

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It looks to be a detachable collar. In which case you should be able to put one on any coat.

I know there is one seller on eBay that has fur collars. I've considered grabbing one, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
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Thank you guys.

Denning: I think it is detachable; as you are saying. Though I don't think fur fits to all kinds of material on a coat, do you?
Also thanks for the links, but the fur wasn't very nice on those. I would refer a colorful coyote.

What's going on with the lapels, aren't they very bended or am I seeing something wrong?
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