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ITailor value for money?

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Cheap material shirts, charged £12.00 customs and £6.99 by Itailor x 4 shirts = £75.96 value for money!! RIP OFF





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Stay away from this company they are a rip off, £35 for a shirt (invoice when it arrived said £14.99), did not fit at all, they claimed it was my measurements but my friend had the same issue, but his measurements came from one of his existing shirts not made by them. My only guess is they dont like to use too much material. If you still choose to go ahead give yourselves plenty of ectra inches.

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I can only report that I have purchasd 2 shirts at two different times with great results. The first shirt did not fit quite right but I suspected it was my measurment error, so I corrected for it the next time and it was perfect. Therefore, I do believe that follow the meaurements submitted. For the price, these are great values. Lots of styles, colors and modifications available. The only thing a little off, is that there is no place of origin tag in the shirt.
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