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Stubbs & Wootton / Smoking Slippers

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Hey guys,

I've actually got a few questions. So first off I took the plunge and bought myself a pair of Stubbs and Wootton and a pair of Rugby slippers while they're going out of business those were quite inexpensive (at least compared to the $498 retail).

Anyways my question is as follows....I got a 9.5 in my Stubbs and Wootton and a 9 in the Rugby (bottom of shoe says 8 but it's a USA 9) Both are new and I'm having awful heel slippage in them. They fit me pretty well I'm not sure I never really bought too many loafers they are not real tight but there is hardly any room left in the toe area. The rugby shoes are a little bigger than the Stubbs but the Stubbs still slide on the heel a this simply because they are new and the sole needs to break in a little.

Also my other question is Womens stubbs and wootton...if I got a size 9 would it fit me better possibly? I have a narrow foot....I went to Brooks Brothers today and they only had a size 8 in womens and I couldn't quite get my foot inside but I think the narrowness of them would be nice. from what I can tell online a Womens size 10 stubbs and wootton is 10 1/4 inches long and a mens 9.5 stubbs and wootton is 11
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I am digging that you got those Stubbs and Wooton and I highly endorse some of the women's styles in comparable sizes!  VERY nice.

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Is there an easy way to tell men's from women's (other than looking up to see who's wearing them)?
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