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This might not be news to some, and it might be moved.
Last year, Levis Straussintroduced a stone-washed denim brand smoothed with rocks but no water, its cleaning instructions urging customers to wash their jeans rarely, if at all, and put them in the freezer instead.

Freeze cleaning doesn’t remove dirt or dust, and certainly does not remove stains, but it does kill the germs that cause jeans to smell.

Levis advises customers to put jeans in a plastic, zip-lock bag and put them in the freezer for 24 hours.

And according to a student-professor team that tested a pair of jeans at the University of Alberta, wearing raw denim jeans for 15 months without washing them does not pose any health risks.

Josh Le, 20, bought a pair of Nudie Jeans in 2009 and wore them nearly every day, even sleeping in them for a month and spilled food on them (wiped off with a paper towel).

But when Mr Le and assistant human ecology professor Rachel McQueen swabbed the inside of the jeans and tested them for bacteria 15 months later, they found levels to be normal.

Mr Le then washed the jeans, wore them for 13 days, and re-tested them. The bacteria levels were nearly identical.

Meanwhile, Stacy London's advice paraphrased in the article is "you should wash jeans in cold water with no soap, and let them air dry."

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