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Hi there.

Over the last few years of lurking and learning, I feel I've substantially improved my eye for quality and fit, and, in most circumstances, match and item versatility. Nevertheless, as one still learning, I occasionally find myself stumped for how best to deploy an item -- be it a tie, a shirt, a square or even a SC, many of which may be bought second-hand. Rather than experiment and post on WAYWRN, only to find I've been catatstrophically wrong and wasted everyone's time, I thought I'd create a pre-emptive thread: Post the item and ask advice for how best to ROCK it. That way, the final outfit is better assured of win.

If I'm able to exercise my thread-creator prerogative, I'd ask that comments be reserved for suggestions how TO rock something; that you might prefer NOT to rock the particular item in question isn't helpful. That the item is generally deemed un-rock-able will be evident by the absence of posts. In the same vein, advice like "try with a solid white shirt, gray suit and mid-brown cap toe oxfords" isn't helpful; of COURSE everything looks good on a blank canvas. The point here is to be a bit more adventurous.

I don't know whether this thread will catch on, but I hope it does, because I have a number of items that I'd like advice for how best to combine.

To that end, I'll kick things off with this very recent Zegna tie. Silk, textured and brown. Seems like it has lots of promise, but damned if I can figure out how best to pair it.

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