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I see their cotton socks on the scott nichols website but never on US retail sites. I would like to try them. I will be in the UK later this year and look forward to picking up a few pairs of chunky cotton socks.
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Dear Pocketsquareguy,

Thanks very much for your interesting contribution in at least two respects:
You help clarify the background why some posters including the thread initiator are biased for wool and ignore any request to compare to cotton ("smarter"?) - this may be simply because where these woolen sock wearers walk - presumably in America - Scott-Nichols cotton variety isn't present!

If the poster alexSF who does report on cotton is right that these are too short/long and the elastic or design fails to keep the sock up - thus exposing skin - ugh! - perhaps another reason why Scott-Nichol in less colourful wool which may be in sock area higher in length is prefer(r)ed and preferable?

The other aspect which makes your post exciting is your aim to secure a cotton THICKER model on your UK safari. I'm too thick myself to understand if I got a straight answer to my inquiry about Scott-Nichols THICKER!? To my inquiry about in comparison which other Scott-Nichol cotton model/s?
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I wonder if I should not try Corgi in 100& cotton. Maybe my bad experience with Corgi in 100% wool and Smart Turnout in 100% would not be the case in these thicker Corgi cottons. But the length is short and the design not special.
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To all those well-meaning posters who recommended reductions on ebay - you are right about the reductions, but the shipping charges from North America to Europe are almost as much as the price of the socks! deadhorse-a.gif
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Do they come in different sizes? I am not a fan of one size fits all socks because one size does not fit all.
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Regarding size, your advanced question based on bad experience requires research impossible at this moment with my tiny mobile phone which enables me to reply I only remember either two sizes named Medium and L or one for all. I'm asking for differentiation of various Scott-Nichol models and if within Europe sales occur. The thread initiator uses the adjective not merely to describe cotton, but the aesthetic colour. Scott-Nichol cotton socks are on sale in US - see eBay, but shipping to Europe too expensive. No poster evaluated durability of various models and who wants to wear a too short Scott-Nichol cotton sock?
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