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Scott-Nichol socks

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I've been a fervent fan of Scott-Nichol's socks for several years now. Their smarter pairs don't interest me as much as S-N's country range: Nordic snow flake and Fair Isle patterns, Argyles and extremely warm alpaca wool pairs are a staple part of my leisure wear.

Any more love for S-N on SF?

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Which of the Scott-Nichols odels in cotton and in wool is the strongest?

Is there anyway to get a price reduction?
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I'm also a fan, I have some pairs in striped rugby and in the amazing donegal wool.
The only thing that bother me is their mid calf lenght.

Here a great selection:
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The difference between wool mix and cotton mix experience of Scott-Nichol veterans has not yet been shared?

Hume doesn't put their Scott-Nichol models ever on sale?

Shipton & Heneage says their checkered cotton are made by S-N?
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Naive, you should definitely save a search on, S-C socks pop up there every now and then. I've bought most of my pairs from eBay with great savings. I only own woollen socks from S-C, can't help you with the cotton mix pairs.
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Dear VR,

Thanks very much but you don't explain or justify why you are fervent fan and why not cotton.

I have never used ebay and am afraid to get tricked. So you indirectly confirm Scott-Nichol store sales unknown?

Historical negative reasons for my interest in Scott-Nichols:

my pure wool and pure cotton socks got holes (Corgi, Pakeman Cato & Cartier, superstriped Smart Turnout, etc.). When repaired, soon again. Money wasted.

My New & Lingwood socks survived, but either are rather thin as are my Hilditch & Key - also mono-ton) - or look in wool threatened.

T.Lewin thicker bi-colour but without phantasy are made in Turkey under what conditions?

That's why must be made in UK.

S-N's Pantherella spokesman recommended their 55% wool model for gamekeepers at £25 but only brown or olive.

Now N&L offers online since Monday beauties at same (high) price.

But S-N 90% or 80% cotton mix has superb colour combinations at £12.

I don't understand calf length objection.
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Dear AlexSF,

Hume never as far as I know includes Scott-Nichol in reductions.

Why did you choose what Hume calls the rugby?

Would you please describe if possible the virtues and vices of the various S-N and explain your ideal of length?

I am most grateful to thread initiator and you both.
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Roderick Charles has striped reduced, but I don't know if pure or who made them where.
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I bought them for their style, and I found them of amazing quality, thick and susbtantial knit.
My socks (I tried Pantherella, Marcoliani, Falke) never developed holes so I cannot comment about durabilty.
About the lenght question I simply prefer over the calf lenght because on me mid calf length always tend to get down.

Buy two pairs and try them, you won't be dissapointed.
My next purchase will be the cable model.
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I've been a loyal fan of the alpaca blend donagel tweed socks for 10+ years. I love them for casual wear. I see the Sierra Trading Post has their socks on sale right now. STP has a no hassle return policy.
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1. How many for how much. Sierra Trading has a high shipping charge for delivery to Europe, doesn't it?
2. Enviromental circus. Which reminds me of Alexander Kabbaz, who I respect as expert on socks, but I never understood why socks manufactured in Italy and shipped to Long Island must be sent over the Atlantic again if ordered by someone in Europe. This is again what occurs if Scott-Nichols manufactured in England would be ordered from a firm in America by a customer in Europe.
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Dear AlexSF,

I am impressed by your varied brands - the Italian I believe is sold by Kabbaz? Did you find an Italian retailer? Kabbaz criticises Pantherella. I have a few Falke, but German and Swiss colour sense despite Goethe got retarded by Guess What. Colour seems to be a Scott-Nichol virtue in cotton.
But your honesty about too short Scott-Nichol sock - presumably cotton mix called rugby by Hume cannot be undervalued. Who wants their naked legs in view?
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Dear Pocketsquareguy,

Thanks for your contribution - you, like the thread initiator, belong to the wool wearers. You don't explain why what the thread initiator calls i.e. cotton Scott-Nichol don't count. Further you must be in America to profit from Sierra's discount on wool - I've never seen cotton advertised?
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= cotton mix
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Smart = cotton
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