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NYE Advice

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Based on what you see here...

What would your thoughts be on attire.. Just go black tie?, or something a little more dressed down/fashion forward.. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance..
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Just wear a tuxedo.
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SF experts, help


Long story short, I am smack in the middle of the newbie wardrobe purge. I've got 5 nice MTM SC's a bunch of trousers (staple colors, tweed, flannel, etc) and a strong amount of shoes and accessories. Mostly SF approved in regard to quality and fit.  I commissioned a couple new suits not to long ago...unfortunately, said suits will not be ready for NYE (unforeseen delay). I do not wear suits often due to my industry, so I went ahead and purchased other core items prior to the staple navy and charcoal suits (I wear odd jackets and trousers 95% of the time).


I've got a nice SB 12 oz  wool dark navy SC and also a SB cashmere Shepard's check SC. The Shepard's check is subtle, two different shades of blue (the dominant shade being Navy). I've also got a nice medium grey POW cashmere SC.  I've got a great black SC, but it's linen. Trousers I have covered. light grey, medium grey, charcoal, flannel. tan, tweed, plaid, etc.


Any ideas on a good NYE outfit based on what I've got?


I was thinking the Shepard's check SC with a slim pair of navy trousers, white shirt, perhaps a satin navy tie and a white sqaure? I'd wear a swanky pair of cap toes or perhaps a whole cut of some type (think elegant Italian last). There will be contrast between jacket and trouser because of the jackets contrasting colors, but the Navy pant would pick up the navy checks in the coat without looking to uniformed, I hope?


Another idea is the navy SC with a navy bow, white shirt -- but what kind of contrasting trousers. I have a tan flannel, cream?


Could I go with the POW check over a fine pair of charcoal Panta trousers? The pants have somewhat of a muted sheen to them.


I am attending a "medium formal" event at a lounge. No black tie, etc.

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Pity novel bump.

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