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For Sale or Trade:
Zegna Couture suit selling only for pants w34, i32, US 40 R jacket free but damaged.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Pants are pleated and cuffed. waist 34-35, 32inseam. Sale is for pants, jacket free.

I will add pics of pants later. Pm me if you need any detail. Link to album:

very dark charchoal, su misura from 05, unfortunately pleated, very slim, 15mil15 etc.

about jacket, it's shoulder is torn and it may or not be repaired. Will not take more pics. Heavy pit stains. I will send the jacket but the sale is for pants, so it should not be reflected in the feedback. jacket is 3 b, surgeon cuff etc. pp slightly over 21, sh19, arm25.5, boc32,

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