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Best men comb

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for the hair does not electrify

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I'm assuming that you are referring to the buildup of static electricity. Use any old comb, but touch a metal object before you start combing, or do it when the hair is slightly moist. 

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Kent brushes, hand cut and made in England.
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I'm looking for a good comb, and it looks like Kent makes a proper one. There is a lot of variety, and I'm not sure which one to get. I keep my hair short on the sides, medium length on top, and my hair is thick. I do the classic side-part, but I have my hair more up than flat. What's a typical length for a proper men's comb?


I am looking at two that are around six inches, one that is almost seven inches, and one that is almost eight inches. Are there any advantages on going for a longer comb vs a shorter comb? Or should I be looking at pocket combs? I'm not one to carry one around with me at all times, but if the comb itself is better/easier than the longer ones for styling then I'd rather have that.

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