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Hey guys,

I'd be super grateful if you guys would go to this page:

and donate what you can - the VAT refund from your last 2 overseas purchases, 10% of your last 50% off discount, whatever you can afford. It's a great cause, and a lot of us can definitely spare a couple of bucks. Styleforum itself is making a donation of $2K. We hope that you guys will help us make it to $6K, and then keep on going.

Please pass along the message to all your Styleforum friends, and those irl friends (lol, who has those) who feel that spending $50 on a pair of shoes is a waste of money.

Let's make this happen, please.



P.S. We can't actually have a raffle, since apparently, that is against all sorts of lottery laws, but we'll definitely make a point to give some donors (at random) some random titles, and I'm sure that we can do some fun contests for some cool gear.