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I recently acquired some nice black with brown shoes which are bison hide.  The brand is Trask.


For this kind of two-toned shoe, I am assuming simply to use neutral shoe polish, right....don't try to polish the black sides with black polish and the browns with brown polish.  Is this a correct assumption?


When I use the horse-haired shoe brush to get the polish in the shoes, can I brush over both colors at once, or should I only brush the black first and then the brown?


Finally, as an unrelated question, I saw that Allen Edmonds has some shoes on clearence in the $200 range.  My first question, which is an assumption, is that for the price, I can't really find a new pair of shoes of better quality.  Is this a generally fair assumption, with the caveat that i have no desire to shop online for hours on end?  The second question is whether to only get a re-craftable shoe much does it cost to have a shoe re-crafted?  I assume the reason why you would want a re-craftable shoe is that it can last for 10-20 years or so, provided that it goes back to AW for re-crafting a few this generally correct?