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Tuxedo Separates...(or tuxedo questions...)

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Searched the forum, but can't seem to find an answer...


First off - I meed a tuxedo for my wedding in October 2013. I wasn't planning on buying one this far in advance, but a few months back I found the one that fit me perfectly (at the time) so I bought it, thinking that I could get it taken it a bit if need be...


I've always been between a 34 and 36 waist, but my jacket is usually a 44. As you can obivously tell - this makes for an almost impossible off the rack suit purchase - which is why I bought the tux when I found it.


In retrospect it wasn't the best idea, as I was at a high weight for myself (and I couldn't make a purchase based upon expected weight loss) - but I loved the tuxedo. The 46 tuxedo fit me really well at the time (the waist would only need to come in a little bit.)


Anyway...i tried it on today, and it is basically swimming on me (as am I getting back down to my normal weight). I was able to find the measurments and 46 is 40.1 in waist. I can exchange it for a size smaller (44). I feel the 44 would likely fit me very well in the jacket, however the waist is 38.6 in. I feel uneasy that come time for the wedding (and maybe even right now) - these pants will be huge on me.


Long story short...I know separates are frowned upon (however this has been my only real option for suits, as I don't really want to spend a fortune on MTO), but are there any companies that might make tuxedo separates? OR, does anyone have any advice for me in this situation?



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You didn't specify a price range.

Brooks Brothers offers tuxedo separates which will set you back around $1000 or so. J. Crew has separates for around $800. Jos. A Bank has separates for $200. Most of the online tuxedo shops have separates, see
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Sorry -- looking to spend a $1000 or less...


Thanks for the suggestions! Brooks Brothers seems to have some nices ones...the others look good too

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I mean, just have the pants taken in. It's not a big deal.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

I mean, just have the pants taken in. It's not a big deal.



Taken in 4 inches? Seems like they would get butchered. And wont the legs look baggy?

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You also want your tux trousers to be a little bigger in the waist than most suit trousers. You'll almost certainly need an undershirt (if you don't already wear them) because of the studs/thin material used for most tux shirts not to mention you'll have braces in there.
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