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Shoulder Width?

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Been looking on eBay recently for some good vintage finds. I've come across several promising suits and jackets that look perfect, with the exception of what appear, to me, to be shoulders that are on the narrow side. Specifically, size 44 suits with a 17 inch shoulder width. I wear a 44 short/regular off the rack, and the majority of my jackets have a shoulder width of around 19 inches or so. Is a shoulder width of 17 inches unusual for a size 44 jacket?
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Very unusual. Even size 36 jackets often have shoulder widths in excess of that.
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It sounds like this might be a European size 44, not a US/UK size 44. European sizing is 10 more than the chest size, i.e. a Euro 44 is the same as a US/UK size 34.
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I'm certain it is a 44, as opposed to a European 44; at least according to the chest measurement. It looks as if I will have to pass these up, sadly, the narrow shoulders making it a deal breaker.
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I've bought alot of jackets on eBay, have had a lot of experience measuring and re-measuring jackets, and learned that is hard to trust the consistency of seller's measurements.


I'm a 42L and middle of the road sholder width is 19".  18.5" is at the low end and 19.5" - 20" is at the wide end. So 17" on a 44 doesn't seem possible.


I would say that the seller probably measured incorrectly or in some strange way, such as on a hanger that distorted the measurement. Especially if the chest measurement and length all come in as normal for  a is just very unlikely you'd have a jacket with a 48" chest (or whatever is normal for a size 44) funneling down to tiny 17" shoulders.


If you really like the jacket it would probably be worth contacting the seller and probing further ...ask how exactly they measured (seam to seam with jacket laid flat?), if they would be willing to re-measure for you, etc.

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I am a 38-40R and find almost all jackets are too wide in the shoulders for my body type, therefore I pay more attention than the average Joe to shoulder width. I rarely see 38-40R jackets w/ 17" shoulders. Wish more did. Most are 18.5" or wider in my experience.
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Thank you for the insight, gentlemen. I have contacted the seller to possibly remeasure, in the event that the original measurement was in error.

For what it's worth, this listing is an example of what I am talking about.
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