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American Giant?

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So Slate has one of their typical, over-hyped gushy articles about American Giant and their sweatshirts.

Worth it or hype? How does it rank against American Apparel at the low end and Loopwheeler etc at the high end?
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notwithit here, reporting from what is apparently the sweatpants capital of America.

I picked up a pair of their sweatpants on sale. I'm not sure if absolutely all of their stuff is made of the same material, but I wasn't impressed. The material is kind of stiff, and while it's relatively soft on the inside, it's not W+H tiger fleece soft. The fit was pretty lousy, too; really wide through the leg, and the elasticated cuff was actually loose at the ankle. Construction was nice, but not enough to compensate for the fit and materials.

I was getting them for the gym, and FWIW, I sent them back and bought a pair from American Apparel.

The good news is that they have free two-way shipping, so you can buy and return at no risk if you want to try them.
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