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Hi, I'm trying to put together an outfit for a christmas dinner party.


I have a the below Velvet navy blazer and I have decided to pair it with this shirt:







Firstly the collar has a black rim, so - Do you think this works with the blue?


Secondly I plan to replace the visible top button on the shirt with this small gold and navy (not black) button (I got the idea from a Versace shirt I saw of almost similar design but they didn't have my size) :





I also have 2 large versions of this button that I could put on the blazer to match, but my thoughts right now is that doing that would be too much. Better just the nice touch of a single small button on the shirt, thoughts?


To match bottom half:


Option 1 (my initial thought) : Dark navy tapered suit pants and Dark Brown shiny Mezlan shoes (They're actually a lot darker, the flash lightened them in this photo):




Option 2: Black tapered suit pants and long black Sergio Rossi brogues.


Option 3 (just a random thought): White pants but they're more like chino's than suit pants. I have the above brown shoes or some light tan toe-cap Allen Edmonds to match.


Also any suggestions for what my pocket square could be like, other than white (and obviously not navy)?


Thanks guys,


I'm having a lot of fun putting this together :)