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BBBF Suits versus Paul Stuart Suits?

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Hi Gents,


I dont wear many suits but figure I may pick up a few with the coming year end sales.  I am a big fan of the Black Fleece shirts, pants and sweaters and am thinking about a few basic suits - navy or charcoal.  But I am a bit worried on the style - high arms, skinny lapels....  ie what is the half-life of this style?!  Will they be hopelessly dated in 5 years?


Paul Stuart seems more like a timeless classic style?  But still fairly stylish.  I certainly dont want to have the BB Madison suit style. Basically what is a nice style but not too much style?


Any thoughts most appreciated.  Also suggestions on other suitmakes in this general price range.

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If you don't mind some of the styling details (peak lapels, hacking/ticket pockets), I'd go with Paul Stuart's Phineas Cole line. The lapel width and jacket length is much less likely to look dated. Fit and construction seem superior to me as well. However, I'm not sure the Phineas Cole line has a plain navy or charcoal suit. If you want to stay with BB and save money, get a 1818 Milano fit suit. You get narrow-ish lapels, higher buttoning point, closer fit, and shorter jacket length without looking as cartoonish as you would in BBBF.
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BBBF is dated IMHO. I would stay away. Then again, PS suits can be really fashion forward which may also date those. Just buy a suit from Target.

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PS x 10000000

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Agree with Nore on everything except buying a suit at Target.  Look at the Fitzgerald, Regent or Milano cuts in the BB 1818 suits and pick the one that fits you best.  The Fitzgerald and Regent are fairly conservative, but are slimmer cuts with higher armholes.

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BBBF is dated already.

Phineas Cole is trendy and stylish, but is too aggressive and therefore no staying power.
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If the options are these two only then go for Paul Stuart (or even better get the Stuart's Choice).

It's an option between Southwick (BBBF with Thom Browne aesthetics) or Samuelsohn (Paul Stuart with Paul Stuart aesthetics) or Isaia (Stuart's Choice with Paul Stuart aesthetics).
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Thanks for the comments and ideas.  I will check out the BB Milano and other newer cuts.


Where do you get Southwick and/or Samuelsohn in NYC?


What are peoples' view on Paul Stuart suit cuts/style?  Phineas Cole looks nice but doesnt appear to do basic colors like navy blue or charcoal.


I figure I should also see what Barneys has on sale in late December/early Jan as they often have good deals.

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Paul Stuart has excellent suits and come in both traditional and more "trendy" styles. You can usually find really good deals on them off ebay.
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