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Grad student looking to buy a suit, need some suggestions

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Hi everyone,
as stated, I'm in the market for a suit (or two) for interviews/internship. I'm pretty new to the subject so I was hoping for some pointers.
The fit is probably the most important aspect to me. I was a college athlete, so I have an athletic build with a 44" chest, wide shoulders and a 33" waist in jeans, so I have a fairly large drop (6'2" tall). Being a student I would like to stay in the $400-$500 range.
I'm sure some people here could steer me in the right direction for this price range (definitely open to outlet stores and even ebay, though I know it's hit or miss).
Thank you!
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First step is to go to the stores you'd be interested in purchasing suits from and figure out the suit models that fit you best. THEN start perusing eBay...otherwise you'll have a lot more miss than hit.

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With the huge drop, you should look at suit separates, so that you can get both the jacket and trousers to fit. Even then you will probably require some tailoring to take in the waist, so allow for this in your budget. Jos. A Bank does not get a lot of love around here, but it seems their biggest issues are how poorly their stuff fits the average person and how bad theirs salesmen are. You may be a good fit in their stuff, though. I suggest just trying them out and see how they fit. Tommy Hilfiger also makes a reasonable selection of suit separates, you can find these in many department stores.
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Originally Posted by tgt465 View Post

With the huge drop,.

He said jean sizes. Factor in vanity sizing and all the other issues and while the drop is higher then average he might be "only" 8inch or so.
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J. Crew Ludlow, perhaps? Available on the internet at a fairly reasonable price. SuitSupply is also good value for money, I hear.

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Yeah... sale season, so you may well find something at the mall. Especially given your height and shape, you don't want to go ebay without the try on...
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Thanks for the replies everyone.
How would you compare PRL (green label) suits to some of these? I frequent a local men's store that I can get one from that includes all alterations in the cost. I was also thinking about Tallia for a bit more $. Thoughts on that, if any?
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You mean Tallia from Men's Wearhouse? AVOID. Jos. A. Bank probably would look too bulky on a young person with broad shoulders and a large drop. The missing piece of information here is geographic location. The course of action should include being measured by an expert, trying on before buying, and probably a moderate amount of tailoring afterward.
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