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Hong Kong Bespoke Suit and Shirts - Best Value For Money and Quality

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Hey guys,


I am going to Hong Kong first time next march and I am planning to buy a couple of suits and some shirts. Which would be a nice place for a bespoke suit, taking into consideration value for money and quality. The ideal would be a suit ranging from 600-700 USD, nothing very fancy. I made some research and found Bonham Strand, anyone ever got one there?





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I've never heard of them
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Had inquired abut their prices it they seem reasonable given the fabric and that's they are half canvassed but I didn't get a chance to try them. They normally take 2-3 weeks to produce a suit so make sure your schedule allows before buying.
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I guess he has no overhead.happy.gif
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I'm heading to HK in a week and planed to visit Bonham Strand.

My friend got a suit made with them in October and was very pleased with the service and the product. 

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And what about L&K bespoke tailors ( I had some German friends very satisfied with them. Cheers

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hi vsalgado,


how long will you be in hong kong for?


i heard rather negative feedback regarding their (lk tailor) quality over long periods of time (i.e. suit doesn't last well over a year or so). it could however, have been the fabric itself. not sure.


if you do end up getting a suit from them, let us know how it turned out.





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Hi j,


I am staying in hong kong from 9 to 17 March.


Do you have any suggestion on which tailor is best regarding price and quality?





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I recently commissioned a Mandarin Collar Suit from Bonham Strand and I was really satisfied with the quality and service. Certainly one of the better custom tailors in Hong Kong for it's price point. You can get a suit made from Cerruti 150 Fabric at 7,800 HKD which isn't too bad at all. I normally use A Hing Man Cheong at the Mandarin Oriental for my suits but since they don't make mandarin collar suits, I ended up at the office of Bonham Strand and I must say it was a very good experience. 


I had them make me a Mandarin Collar Suit from a VBC Super 110 fabric, I went conservative since it was the first time using them though I was really tempted to make one out of their super 150 cerruti fabrics. The price was reasonable, starting at 3,888 HKD.




Mandarin Collar Suit (2 piece) 

VBC Super 110 (midnight blue/black) 

Bemberg Lining on the inside 

Buffalo Horn Buttons (5 buttons which is the norm for mandarin collar suits)

functional sleeve buttons 

Pick stitching 

Full Canvass (additional 1,200 HKD) 


Their suits are half canvass standard at the lower end but you can request for a full canvas for an extra 1,200 HKD, In total I paid 5,000 HKD which works out to 649 USD. I'll post pictures of the suit later tomorrow since it's pretty late where I am right now. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to make a suit at the sub 1,000 USD price point to give them a shot. I'll definitely be going back to get them to make me a 2 piece in the future, the next time I go to Hong Kong. 


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