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Women's Bespoke?

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And now for something completely different: Women's bespoke tailoring.

I know, I know...totally off topic for a men's clothing forum. However, my wife has expressed an interest in a custom/bespoke blazer, and I would like to buy her one. I'm in NYC, but so far having trouble finding info on traditional tailored clothing for women. I know Chan does it--there was a photo of a moonbeam blazer posted somewhere here recently.

Edit: Found it:

Obviously, given how women's fashion changes constantly, I am seeking a traditional-looking (timeless, or as timeless as women's fashion permits) blazer. Something she could wear with jeans.

Any ideas on who in the city does good work? Or should I look into WW Chan?

Or am I certifiable?

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I remember reading about this firm in some glossy magazine somewhere:


I've no experience of them in any connection, but they're in your neck of the woods, if you wanted to pop in and check out their operation. They seem to do both bespoke/couture and MTM. Warning, their website is pretty good but is one of those annoying ones that plays music in the background; the mute button is down in the bottom left. ;)

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