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how are the armholes? What did you decide to do with the suit?

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I have quite a lot of experience with BL and remakes. They are terrific at helping you out and I've learned a lot in the process.


Here's what I see/recommend if you choose to do a remake on the jacket:


1) You  have significant collar gapping going on in the back and on the right side of the jacket collar. If you remake the jacket with "hunched" posture, not "normal" posture, that should fix that.


2) Try bear hugging the air. Is your chest tight or do you still have extra fabric there? I'd measure down accordingly. Looks like you have room to go down a little.


3) Sleeves should be shortened an inch or so (measure to top of where thumb meets your hand).


4) I know others said your shoulders are fine, but I think they should be shortened 0.5" like you said.


5) The width of the end of your sleeve looks too big. I'd remeasure your wrists again with their videos.


Other than that, looking great! Good luck.

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Originally Posted by ferragamo2012 View Post

I think the suit looks really good and only needs minor alterations (other than the sleeves, I would definitely order it with fake buttons to avoid this). I would get it remade because of the sleeves, unless you can find a tailor that can shorten them.

How is the quality of the suit? How would you say it compares to something like Hugo Boss. Is the chest slightly big because you measured yourself incorrectly or just the way they cut it and is that the slim fit?

I've had tailors shorten suits from the top and they came out great so you can probably find one if you look hard enough.

As for the functional vs. fake buttonholes, I'd order without any holes, but with the ability to have functional buttonholes added. More tailors can make those well than fixing sleeves from the shoulder.
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They've ordered a remake, 5-6 days ago or so. 


1" Shorter sleeves, .5" less over shoulders, 1" in on chest/waist/hips. and arms a bit smaller too. 

FWIW, I had the "hunched" shoulder option on the original, so and on the remake too, we'll see how it turns out. 

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Its kind of funny but I looked at the pic's you posted and I want to get a suit like that.  I checked out there web site and not one of the models is wearing something I like.  I love the the size and balance on the lapels of the suit you have there.  It really makes it look good.  I hope the remake comes out that way as well.

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Looking forward to seeing pics of your remake.
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Any pics from the remake?

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