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OTR slacks for 27" waist?

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I'm 5'6", 27" waist, and having a bear of a time finding anything that works off the rack. It would be nice if I didn't have to spend $40+ to take in the waist on every new pair of cheap office slacks. Are there any skinny guys out there that have found brands that fit? Most mainstream places carry 28-29" at the smallest, and in my experience even these are actually a good inch or more bigger than their listed "size." That is, I've measured my waist at exactly 27" but when I try on most 28" slacks, i have a good 2" or more of extra space.


Ideally I'm interested in cotton slacks so I dont have to dryclean, but just knowing brands is a good start. I'd also love to hear about coats that i dont completely disappear into. The "standard" affordable skinny-guy places like zara, h&m, uniqlo are all too roomy in the waistline. 34" chest, if that helps.

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How high are you wearing your pants? If you wear them high at your natural waist, then yes, a 29" waist will be large. I myself am very slim. I purchased some Levi's Sta-Prest skinny pants in a variety of colors (grey, navy, red) a while ago. I normally get a 30x34 and the 30x34 in this brand was very small. A 28 or 29 would probably work for you.
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No offense intended, but have you tried the boy's section? As far as I can tell as boys size 14 equals a size 27 inch waist. If this is accurate, then you could get pretty high end stuff at much less than run of the mill OTR.
Another option would occur if you know someone visiting an Asian country. You could give them a pair that fits and have them pick you up a dozen or so. Many Asian men are very thin so it shouldn't be any problem. Having said that, every time someone I know goes to Hong Kong, I ask them to pick up this or that and if they remember it's screwed up. We live in hope.
I can empathize with your situation as up until the age of 30, I was a 28 waist, but all of the shirts were too large around the neck. I wound up getting shirts made at a place called The Custom Shop. I always felt a little ripped off but what are you going to do?
best of luck
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+1 on checking the boys section if you must go OTR


However, take note of the belt loops, also try sitting down to see how the rise is. Although at 5"6' the shorter rise shouldn't be a problem.


Also check the pockets as well.


Some times they may make the pockets smaller and more shallow, also they may make the belt loops smaller to accommodate a boys belt 

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Thanks for the advice! I just ordered a couple of the levis skinny slacks; will see how it goes. "Skinny" stuff hasn't worked so well for me in the past since i have a tiny waist but pretty normal legs. But can't hurt to try.


I've gone the boy's route in the past but it's difficult to find stuff that is of reasonable quality and cut. I guess it's just a matter of going brand by brand till something matches. As for shopping in asian countries, I thought uniqlo would have promise but I feel like their american stuff is sized bigger than what they sell in Hong Kong (I was there a year ago). 

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What's your budget? 

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I've been buying cheap/on-sale slacks for anywhere from $30-70 and then spending $40 to get them altered. So I guess around $100 for something that fits reasonably well off the rack would still be a good deal. Prob not more than that, though, since they are work clothes and would wear out relatively quickly.

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