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I would recommend subscribing to some good blogs.

Periodicals like the WSJ and FT are good for getting the news, but its all pretty superficial. I am not sure you would be learning anything useful for your career. Twitter will get you the news faster in any event.

Some good blogs are FT Alphaville, Sober Look w Walter Kurtz, Calculated Risk w Bill McBride, Carpe Diem w Mark J Perry, Counterparties w Felix Salmon, Abnormal Returns has some decent links but a lot of bullshit as well, Falkenblog, the Epicurian Dealmaker, Mindful Money w shaun michaels for euro info. Lots of other good one that are not coming to mind.
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try this....
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I highly recommend Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School by Philip Delves Broughton. It provides an insider's view of HBS, and what business school is like.

What school are you going to?
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Originally Posted by ShoeShopperJ View Post

I actually never subscribed; I would just read a copy in the library.

By the way, someone recommended True North by Bill George, and that is another book I read during business school that I would recommend now.
I purposely put off the 4 courses that dealt with ethics and leadership until the end because I thought they would bore me to death. When I signed up for the MBA program, I thought about econ, finance, marketing, investment, etc. It was good timing too as I had just quit my job, probably the most unethical company I can work for. I was able to apply how I was treated along with others to the books like True North, and use that to contrast good companies. Looking back, these courses were probably the best ones in the course. I enjoyed all courses, but I don't really recall all of the formulas and theories I learned from memory.

I'm also taking notes on what others say. Great books can truly influence you in a big way. Sorry to derail the thread a bit, OP.
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I am currently reading On China by Henry Kissinger, and I think it could be worthwhile if you are going to be doing business with China (which seems inevitable). 

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