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What do you think of my tie collection?

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Hello All,


I would like your opinion on my tie collection. Please find my twelve most frequently worn ties below. 


First, what are your general thoughts? Second, am I missing any important styles or colors? Looking at these photos, I think I may need more "formal" ties for job interviews or special events...


FYI - these are all silk or silk/wool blends ranging in price from $30 to $75.


Of course, there's only so much one can tell from looking at a picture...







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Each tie looks at least okay, and enough would work for interview or formal situations. However, too many are in or near the gray part of the color spectrum - risking an "uninteresting wearer" perception if worn regularly. There probably should be at least one greenish tie. Solid gold or yellow stripes might be advisable. Also, there are no paisleys, though that style isn't needed, strictly speaking.
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I don't like most of them. I don't like pink ties and I think the reds are too red. Most are passable - just drab/boring, I suppose.
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In the top pic, I like the two on the farthest left, the others not so much. But in general I don't like red and pink very much.

In the bottom pic, I like only the second from the left and the second from the right. The others don't really do much for me, although they aren't hideous. It's possible that I'd like the ones in the middle if they are less iridescent than they seem in the photo.
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From left to right
a) OK. I would prefer a darker blue with this pattern, similar in color to the one to the right of this one
b) OK. When it comes to solid ties, I prefer a bit of texture. This one appears to be pretty smooth.
c) Not terrible, but I'm not a fan.
d) OK.
e) & f) As someone else mentioned, they're "too red" for my taste. Something similar in burgundy would be better.


a) Good. Though I'm not a big fan of grey ties, this is probably my favorite of the ones you showed.
b) Meh. Again, not a big fan of grey. Also appears to be narrower than your others. I'm probably unexciting, but I like my ties to all be roughly the same width.
c) Pretty good. Probably my second favorite.
d) Do not like at all. I would prefer a more classic glen plaid pattern
e) Fine. Solid grey that appears to have a bit of variation of tone.
f) OK. Can't tell if it's black or navy. With the tone on tone of the dark stripes, it looks almost identical to the pink striped one in the first pic.

Lots of colors you're missing. Greens, browns, Yellow/golds, oranges, and most importantly burgundies.
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To me, half of what makes a good tie is the quality of material and how it's made..  You can see that from across the table, but not in those pics, so there is only color, apparent texture and pattern.  With that you're still at the mercy of my computer monitor.  Naturally, I'm only going to judge them as to whether or not I would want them, not whether you should.


Top photo:  I agree with those who said the reds are too bright or whatever.  I do lilke pink ties, but not that one.I like spotted ties but not that first tie in the photo.  It's somehow "wrong" for me.  The spots aren't the right size or something. I can't explain.  I would wear the one third from right.  I have one similar to that and I like it. 


Bottom photo:  I disagree with anyone who dismisses them as boring.   A "boring" tie can have it's place in an overall scheme.  Especially if you often prefer your shirt to be the intersesting attraction, which I often do.  I like all of those except the one 4th from right.  I actually hate that tie.  I don't know why I hate it, but I do.  Likewise, most of the time I'm not sure why I like a tie.  I just do. 


You might consider adding some floral or colorful abstracts.  These needn't be neon obscene, but if you take it loud and then dial it back a notch or too, they can be very interesting and cool. Lots of beautiful floral and abstract colored ties come in deep, rich subdued colors which I particularly like.  Just a thought.


2 pennies.

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its a nice collection but quite conservative
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+1 disagree on "boring". Your tie should not compete with your face to be the focus of attention.

Therefore, gray is fine with me.smack.gif
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I would say that it really depends on a couple of things.  One, what type of image are you trying to portray? Bold,conservative, relaxed casual, etc.  Two, what types of shirts, jackets, sweaters, pocket squares, etc. are they being paired with?  I'd be willing to say you can make most any tie work well depending upon what it is worn with.

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Thanks for your feedback everyone! When I purchase new ties I'll definitely take your comments into consideration. 

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