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Hi All,

I really enjoy reading this thread. I've been into Aldens for over 30 years now and am still wearing a pair of #8 Chukka's I bought in the early 80's. I'm certainly no Uncle Mac, but I'm usually never without at least 13-14 pairs in the collection at any given time..

Pictured is the J.Crew/Alden collaboration from last year. A nice looking boot as it was, but my 7.5D size foot usually needs a bit of a bulkier welt/sole (in some cases, anyway) to make it look better proportioned...

I gave these to Nick at B. Nelson and decided that adding a storm welt and double leather (J.R. Rendenbach) soles would do the trick. I decided to try an antique edging to see how it would turn out. If I didn't like, I could always have it refinished in black.

I think the results are pretty cool. Only problem is that the boot now seems a tad more snug than before and cannot be worn with the thicker socks I like for our NE winters. So they may eventually find their way to buy and sell and I'll do the same thing again to a new pair in size 8...