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Wool blending in Jackets

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Hi there, so to bother you guys but, I was wondering if you guys could help me with a dilemma.

I recently bought a gloverall duffle coat with 70% wool and 30% polyamide. I was curious as to whether to keep it or return it, as there is one with 90% wool and 10% polyamide as well. I've heard however, that wool blend is more durable and waterproof. Thanks!

this is the one i have which is (70% wool/30% polyamide)

and this is the one which is 90% wool and 10% polyamide
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From another thread on this topic.
Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

polyamide is used in many garments that will get in contact with water.
for instance most swimming trunks will be made entirely of polyamide because this synthetic fibre has the advantage of 'drying' really really quickly.

putting it in a small percentage in an overcoat fabric makes sense to me and in general small percentages of synthetic fibres can have very good benefits to a garment but usually get a bad rep.

I wrote drying in quotes because polyamide actually absorbs water and stores it in it's amorphous regions before releasing it to the humid air again. after the coat get's wet once, the fibres become even stronger and more durable.
that is why nylon (PA 6) stockings don't get runs as easily after they have been machine washed as opposed to new stockings right out of the packaging.

simply put synthetic fibres are a technological accomplishment and if used correctly are an advantage which we didn't have a few decades ago. if you look for function I'd say go for the coat. If you want a delicate luxurious item save up for a 100% cashmere or vicuna. this will be softer but ruined after the first rain shower.

source i'm an engineer. no I don't wear stockings myself.

As to choosing one coat over the other, the best thing would be to compare them in person and see which fabric you prefer.
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