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that sucks Nineohtoo. I have put everything you sent me in good use. Those treats fom Vallerios were so yummy that when my brother took a trip to SF recently, I told him to get me some eats there. Have you tried their pimiento bread? sooo good. Pm me your address I want to send you a care package
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Sitting in my office. reading the forum, workin', chillin', having the new Big KRIT mixtape blow my mind (seriously it's great).

suddenly, i'm shaken from my reverie by the package lady. "Sign for this" she says, and hands me this package from mr. SpacePope

What's inside? Well, first of all, this super nice letter and some jellybeans.

Some cool looking comics i've never read

and an SNS sweater!!!!!

It's super long but with the elastic folded up under it it fits PERFECTLY

Better than I could have imagined. Thanks so much!!!!!

Edit: I am now so full of jellybeans omg
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damn! SNS sweater = not fucking around.


looks great too.

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Fuck the SNS, he sent some Brandon Graham comics icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

cola, will PM you in a moment.
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King City was so good--I read it in one day.

(I got caught in the rain so it's a bit mangled though frown.gif no tears, just page warps, so it's still readable.)
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So I came home tonight and found a package from colabear outside my door. I opened it and this was inside:

The snap magazine will be enjoyed. I go to Kinokuniya at least once a month and flip through magazines(gotta stock up on Gatsby from Nijiya Market), so this will be enjoyed. The UC wallet is a shocker though. Very stoked when I saw it fall out of the box. I'm gonna have to make sure I use it instead of my CdG card holder when I know KAGs will be around to see me pull out my wallet lol.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

who's in for another round? part of me says we should do a 'no clothes' version. the local stuff is way cooler than the clothing IMO


Would love to participate in a round whenever there is one :).

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