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Got my package from thatguymj (after a little snafu from the post office) and WOW, it's really fantastic. A big thank you for such a great box.

First off, some small treats, including some sweets from Preston's in SF (looks like the chocolate covered fortune cookie go smashed angry.gif but it will still taste good). The HMxMM magnets are a nice touch for sure, but the Cliff House paperweight is my fave. Also, the mini Visvm key chain means I now officially own a Visvm product.


A couple back issues of Art International, which I will def enjoy


A Wings + Horns henley in my favorite color, indigo/navy. I've never thought I look that great in henleys but this one will inspire me to work it into a layering fit.


And last but most bestest: A Band of Outsiders cookie cutter set. This is pretty great since my wife went to culinary school and when it comes to baking, she does not fuck around. My cookies will be so Wes Anderson you won't be able to stand it.


This was a really thoughtful (and generous) box, and totally epitomizes the spirit of the swap. Thanks again to the organizers and all the participants.
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Got my package from beingjbot! Thanks man.

1. Pocky pretzel chocolate sticks - I think I finished them in a day.
2. Chocolate raisins- still working on these.
3. Thai massage oil - have a girl in mind for this
4. Alora ambience spray - for the bathroom. Kinda a floral locker room smell. Lol.
5. USA pocket square
6. Mouth guard for Muay Thai - thanks! I won't look like a Canadian hockey player no more! smile.gif
6. And a hand written note- Really appreciated this!

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And the note:

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sorry for posting a picture that late

this was from a fellow linguist

2x Pantharella Socks (Merino, Cotton)
Hero Magazine
I-D Magazine


i sent my package to caseyfud in december, he didn't post pictures so i'll just write what i sent to him:

book about "de stijl"
book about ernst ludwig kirchner (german painter)
chocolate bars
dries van noten lookbooks
raf simons coca cola can
uniqlo airism t-shirt
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zeemon whats the longest german word. I learned 'Bundesverfassungsgericht" the other day!!
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for example:

" beef labeling supervision duties delegation law"


(i think this is "officially" the longest word

"Association for subordinate officials of the head office management of the Danube steamboat electrical services"

these long words consist of everyday german words, and probably most know what is meant .
compound nouns are kind of common in german

"Federal Constitutional Court of Germany"
is quiet long, but a lot of words concerning rights, state and regulations are pretty long
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Stanley contact spacepope
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Miran has been yelled at

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who's in for another round? part of me says we should do a 'no clothes' version. the local stuff is way cooler than the clothing IMO
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I've been thinking about round 2 and a) I'm not crazy about organizing it because I'm fucking terrible at organizing things and b) I think doing a swap during the summer wouldn't be a bad idea. The forum is usually slower around then and since people don't have as much holiday stuff on their plate packages should come in on time and be a little less rushed. But I don't know.

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Hey notwithit, haven't heard if you received anything?

I'm hoping you did and just didn't indicate so.
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I think we should only do this once a year, perhaps in november or something.
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I think it will be cool if we do this bi annually. During the summer, there's many farmers market and outdoor fairs that sell goodies and cool stuffs that you can't find during the winter. So yeah I'll be in if there's a swap this summer.
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Summer and Holiday swaps sound like a good idea because of the said reasons above. I'd be down to do it again and don't mind if we keep it semi-clothes related.
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