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ok, only if you send me one of your used boxer shorts ; ) )
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Originally Posted by colabear View Post

ok, only if you send me one of your used boxer shorts ; ) )

not a fair trade, don't you know used underpants go for like a few hundred $$$?

there are sites for such transactions.
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My apologies partner, have been busy with classes/personal life so my package may be sent out a little late.
Already have most of what I want to send, but going to add a little extra for being late.

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Package to blazingazn sent! Might take a bit because I sent it regular post to Canada, but it's on its way!
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my package is going out tomorrow! down to the last minute, but hopefully it will be worth it. it was a good idea putting the deadline in mid-january as we'd have never had time to put this together around the holidays.

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My package will be at the post office in about 2 hours. biggrin.gif
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Going to be Monday for me, sorry guys. Going to sort the rest of my shit over the weekend. Utterly nailed in work since the Xmas break.
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Mine should be going out Friday after work.
Hopefully that's okay!
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Package has been mailed. biggrin.gif
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got my stuff from thatoneguy .. and damn.. fucking awesome. will grab some pics, but homie went all out. so good
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swag swag swag
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Gonna be shipping out tomorrow too or MAYBE monday depending if I can get my hands on some stuff... Doesn't reflect well on the swap co-runner but yeah holidays and school and work have been brutal so all lateness is pardoned so long as it's reasonable. Lets still aim for friday

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Label printed and mine is going out in tomorrow's mail. Not a lot of stuff, but some nice picks I think!
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mine going out tomorrow!


As well here is some pics of my swap package I received from Singh. Very cool package and new foods I have never tried before. He split the food groups by region (India/Hipster haha / Signapore) and as well included two books that he enjoyed. Can't wait to dig into the food and books. I think I am going to get addicted to the tea, always wanted to try it out.  Thanks man!






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