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Originally Posted by sexonfabric View Post

Surely a receipt from the post office would suffice if tracking is going to double the costs for you guys?


Great idea. This should be totally sufficient.

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Damn, would love to do this but I think i'm late

Enjoy guys, this is kinda like the tie swap in MC cept better satisfied.gif
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Everyone has been assigned. Next step:

After you finish your package, please send the tracking number + user name of your giftee to If you don't have tracking, please include a photo of your receipt.
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The first person has already sent! you guys better get busy!
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People have gotten their packages! Post pics.
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I'm still waiting on packages so I can compile them and ship.  On the other hand charly contacted me that my secret santa got me a TOJ oxford!

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Bought my persons gift today. Hope you enjoy it.
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people have gotten packages already? there are only a few tracking numbers in the email.
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I thought smash got a toj oxford in the mail, didn't know it was just an email from charly redface.gif

I am busy trying to get stuff together from all the local places I frequent so it will be a while for me.
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Other than the material stuffs I'm also doing an illustration of one of said persons fits

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This is a great Idea though since the last couple of years my family has only been doing gifts for the kids (6 nieces and nephews).

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I have a couple of zissou-style items for my person, but I need to make a few more!
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How's the shirt coming along?
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The CDW down shirt? It's going well. I just haven't had the time to work on it the past couple of weeks. I took in the sides, but now I need to hand stitch the lining back together, refill it with the down, sew the bottom of the sides shut, and then redo the quilting on the sides. I should get it done this weekend or next week when I have time off.
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