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I'm lifting this almost word-for-word from sufu's OkayOkay and philosophiliac

so... thanks guys. You can check out their swap here: Also thanks to habitant for the help.


Gifts don't necessarily have to be SW&D related. Send local stuff, send snax, notes, angry letters, relics from the Conceptual Forest, DIY, whatever. I highly suggest you browse through the sufu thread and get inspired--some people did some awesome stuff. Don't be that dude who sends a bad package or one filled exclusively with coke bottles.


And since there was some discussion about this in RFT, there will be NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM VALUE FOR THE PACKAGES. Ship off a box of homemade whatevers valued at $5 or a choice piece from the Temple of Jawnz, I don't give a care. What matters is the thought that goes into it. Send cool stuff.


Also please follow up with this. To quote Okay Okay:

If you receive a pack and don't ship anything I'm gonna talk a lot of shit, and I'll have your address so expect full wrath...I will literally post your shit on Craigslist advertising a seniors only gangbang or something, don't think I won't.




To join, post in this thread and include your sizes (tops, pants, shoes) so those who want to gift jawnz have something to go from. Also include your country/state/province so we can coordinate shipping and maybe get people to recieve/send stuff from around the world. Email your shipping address to


When the registration deadline comes we'll assign everyone. Once you have your person do a little research, find out what they like etc. When you ship the package DO NOT POST THE TRACKING. Instead email to We'll keep tabs on who has shipped n stuff. Some flaking will be inevitable and I hope people won't lose their shit. When you get your package post some pics!


Registration Deadline: December 7th

Shipping Deadline: January 18th






1.) spacepope (M, w.32, sz.10)

2.) habitant (M-L , w.34)

3.) fishbones (XS-S, w.29, sz.9)

4.) singh02 (39, w.34, sz.11)

5.) Zeemon (M-L, w.34, sz.45-46)

6.) Teger (M-L, w.33-34, sz.11)

7.) PDinh (S, w.30, sz.9)

8.) thatoneguy (L-M, w.34-33, sz.45)

9.) smashwindow (52, w.33, sz.11.5)

10.) A Fellow Linguist (S/XS, w.30, sz.9)

11.) g transistor (S, w.20, sz.10)

12.) zissou (M, w.32, sz.10)

13.) Spencer (M/L, w.32, sz.11)

14.) oboy_oboy (M/L, w.32, sz.10.5)

15.) sexonfabric (L, w.34)

16.) thatguymj (M/L, w.33, sz.10.5/11)

17.) blazingazn (M, w.30, sz.8)

18.) YoungM (L/XL, w.36, sz.11)

19.) nineohtoo (XS/S w.28, sz.8.5/9)

20.) bows1 (doesn't want clothes)

21.) miran (EU 52, w.36, sz.11.5)

22.) notwithit (40 chest, w.30, sz.12/11.5)

23.) StanleyVanBuren (XS, w.29, sz.8D)

24.) conceptual 4est (S, w.30, sz.42/9.5)

25.) GraphicNovelty (40 chest, w.32, sz.7.5)

26.) Broark (XL, w.36, sz.12)

27.) caseyfud (XS-S, w.30, sz.8.5)

28.) Beingjbot (S-M, w.34, sz.9)

29.) colabear (XL, w.40, sz.13)

30.) Mr. Moo (no clothing)

31.) cbusguy (no clothing)


strikethrough=user has shipped

blue = user has sent email

Edited by spacepope - 12/10/12 at 11:12pm
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

Also, setting a minimum really is against the whole point of the super swap. It's not supposed to be a "send people expensive stuff" swap, it's supposed to be "send people cool stuff." Which may or may not have significant monetary value. If you look at the super swap thread the best packages weren't the most expensive but the most personal (either to the sender or the recipient), interesting, and creative.
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36 chest, 30 waist, 9.5 shoes

lets do it
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Cool idea.

So looking at the SUFU thread, acceptable things include like local treats and oddities?

And seems like $$$ value was never the coolest gifts but the most personal or local were the most liked?
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Yeah local treats and oddities are completely acceptable, so long as it makes a good package

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I'm obviously in. 44 chest, 34 waist
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hmm I'm out of the country indefinitely by the end of this month but would love to get in on this.
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No worries, so long as you'd be able to ship by mid-January.

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We should probably include country/state/province of origin with everyone who signs up. I think it would be more fun to receive something from a different part of the world.
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Yeah. Also if shipping costs turn out to be crazy we can just give you someone in your own country... Hopefully shipping won't be crazy.

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A few thoughts, but ultimately spacepope decides the rules and regulations as he is the one going through all the effort to organize this.  please respect spacepopes will, he has his work cut out for him.


I think it's best to set up firm deadlines ASAP, to avoid an influx of people asking for special flower treatment ("I can do it if it's by this time, I can't do it if it's after that time").  This way you know if you're participating or spectating and can start planning accordingly.  Please don't flood this thread with endless "maybe"s that just confuse everyone.


Not saying we have to do things the sufu way, but they've been doing it a while and for those of you that read the thread you can see it works out pretty well.  What makes it especially fun (like any secret santa) is that you're secretly assigned a person and you have to dig up info about them, and cater the gifts around what you think they would like.  Of course you add a bit of your personality in there too as well.  This is why it makes no sense to see a bunch of people posting in RFT like "this is what i would send" and it's just all regional stuff or whatever. That and the fact that posting it all like that totally ruins any potential surprise.  Get creative with your packages!!


Local treats and oddities are things that come along with that combo of tailoring the gift to your recipient as well as showing a bit of yourself.  They shouldn't already be planned out before you're assigned a partner...


As a few have said already, don't dwell on the cost.  This should go without saying, but DEFINITELY don't do this for the thumbs up, do it for the joy you can bring a total stranger with a carefully thought out gift :)

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Count me in!

XS-S, 29in Waist, Size 9 in shoes.

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Thanks 4est for saying everything I wanted to say but for some reason didn't.


Added deadlines.

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Count me in and get ready for a medical and bay area spiced package!

Chest 39, Waist 34, shoes 11.
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i'm in germany
international shipping takes 6-11 days
(GATs won't be in the package i will send to someone)

the costs for international shipping here are rather cheap, so i don't mind shipping to anywhere in the world

my sizes: tops M-L, pants EU50 or W34, shoes EU45-46
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