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Flannel/Fleece Lined Jeans?

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My brother asked for some flannel lined jeans for Christmas and I want to get him something thats going to look good and last a while. I know there probably aren't too many SF approved flannel-lined jeans out there, but does anyone have any suggestions?

I know LL Bean makes some (cut is probably atrocious, though) and so does Eddie Bauer and maybe J Crew?
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The blanket-lined jeans by Naked and Famous is something you could definitely take a look at.

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I should also mention that my brother has a kind of conservative style and probably wears straight-leg or 'relaxed fit' jeans. I'm hoping to find something that will fit like a Levi 514 cut.

Do the Weird Guys fit like a 514 at all? I see it has tapered legs so probably not.

I appreciate the help.
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Just get some Uniqlo heattech from Uniqlo to wear underneath normal jeans - more versatile than buying jeans just for winter.
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Weird Guys are substantially tapered and will not suit your brother if he demands a relaxed fit. I'm not sure if N&F made the blanket-lined jeans in any other cuts, but if you can find it in regular fit I second the recommendation -- they're perfect protection from winter winds.

Another option at a higher price point is Iron Heart's water-resistant-coated flannel lined jeans. Be warned they are HEAVY AS SHITE due to the 21oz denim combined with thick flannel for an effective total weight of 35-40oz (!).
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