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Is this a good fashion management degree program

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I'm new to the website, my names Saif.


To start off, I'm a graduating highschool student and have been a interested in fashion for a very long time. It would be an all time dream if I pursued it but at the moment 30k salaries aren't looking so appealing. Regardless, If any of the experienced members here can take a look at the program above and tell me if this sector is worth getting into (job opportunity wise) than please let me know.


I'm focused on the business aspect of the fashion industry so no fashion designing. 


Being a dream of becoming a buyer, the last thing I want to do is go into it and come out with a piece of paper and no job to apply for or walk into a dead end job. I'm continuing to do more research but would be a pleasure to get more input on this from people that possibly know much about.


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My friends career track for business in fashion:

Buyer at major dept store, then a major licensee, then Acct Exec at a large major label (selling to stores), currently head of Sales at a smaller label. Makes six figures and has a fashion allowance, attends the shows (well for the current label). Took about 10 years for her since graduating college.

Her progression - Finance degree at major state university, internship program at major department store, joined dept store then moved to NY, then began jumping around.

So I'd say pursue Finance type degree, then keep an eye out for internships with departments stores and fashion labels.

At the outset the pay is not high in fashion (though my contact got like $40k at her first job in DC area back in 2002). So if you really want it, be happy with whatever the entry level is and make it work for you.

To get an idea of what's required to make it in the field (and the different areas to pursue) try to go to the websites of major clothing retailers (buying): Targets, Macys, Neiman Marcus; as well as labels (accounts) to see what they look for in terms of background. Then tailor your education toward that. Fortunately on the buying side you will pick up skills that will be transferrable to many other careers in business so if it doesn't work out you aren't screwed.

Feel free to PM for questions maybe I can have my contact provide some insight in detail.
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^agreed. Get your foot in the door at a Retail/Apparel company. Finance is a good choice, its what I did. But I have found that Supply Chain would have been the best choice, at least in my situation.

Once you get your foot in the door in a company, lateral movements are quite simple.
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Currently working in Club Monaco

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I'd suggest you go to a more reputable business school, even if it doesn't have a program specifically for "fashion management". If you go to a more well known school like Ivy or Queens, it'll be much easier to land a job...perhaps in brand management for a luxury goods company. I'm Canadian too, and just fresh out of my undergrad, so I'm still up to date on bcomm programs. Currently doing a master's in international business abroad. 

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I would love to but I dont qualify for neither programs, I've been taking College (C) courses since the beginning of grade 9

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ya i tried but i can't pass the entrance examnication but i will try again and again.

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