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For Sale: Scandinavian proxy-service

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$10 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Scandinavian proxy-service

Will Ship To: Anywhere

You've got something you want to buy from some swedish/scandinavian brand/website/store and they don't deliver to wherever you live? 
Well lucky for you, I can proxy pretty much whatever it is you might want to buy to wherever you want me to.


I have previously proxied for several members here on the forum.


Items worth    0-200$: 10$
Items worth 200-300$: 20$

Items worth     +300$: 30$

(+cost of item and shipping)


If you want further details, you can either PM me here or send your question to


Thanks for looking smile.gif


list of brands/stores (Click to show) (classic stuff, coats, knitwear, suits, shirts, jackets, footwear) (similar inventory to janemars, but cheaper and a bit more "youthful") (lots of "hipster-shirts", slutty t-shirts, jeans and knitwear) and (everything sports-related) (LOTS of cool sneakers and other nice clothing-brands like norse and carharrt, very "streetwear") (sharp suits, shirts and coats) (like a mix between tiger and gant, classic knitwear, blazers and coats) (you know what it is, very good source for cheap basics and bodywear with hm&beckham) (you know what this is) (this too probably)
Rolans Menswear (high-end MC stuff) (kinda similar to MQ, but in general higher prices and quality) (jeans and knitwear/sweaters/tees) (classic mc-casual stuff and quite some jeans) (mixed MC and SW&D stuff) (lumberjack/hipster/SW&D so plaid shirts, knitwear and lots of jeans, they carry some OL) (the most "different" store in town, so much cool stuff, okay quality, crazy prices on sale) (you know what it is, cool stuff at nice prices) (acne, adidas x slvr, blk dnm, vibskov, OL, soulland, local firm) (cool store, most from SW&D can probably find something here they like) (black/grey/blue well-designed pieces, some kind of ma-1 every season) (lots of good brands, such as:apc, arc'teryx, CPs, diemme, gitman vintage, inis, miansai, new balance, sns, sunspel, yuketen, visvim) (like a bigger version of footish) (comme de garcons, ann d, kva, mmm)


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Hey man, just wanted to publicly say thanks again for shipping me that Weekday coat for my gf, especially for being willing to go to the store multiple times to look for different sizes. Shipping was really fast too, I think like 9 days? Either way, good proxy would use again icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I got some COS gloves from this proxy and I was very satisfied with the service. Thanks!
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Got cos gloves from koy as well, thanks again man.
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you should post links to some stores that might be popular here, cause I have no idea other than COS
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Ah yes, was beginning to do that the other day but then the browser crashed and everything I had written dissapeared too, so didn't feel like writing it all again right then.
Will post extensive list tomorrow
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list added

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Proxy got me around some stupid fees, worked well.
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Got the white side zips. Great service from KoY. Thanks.

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Good service, would recommend

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I reached out to kindofyoung because the pieces I wanted weren't available to ship to the United States.  I started out working with him on one piece and just as he was about to ship another piece I was looking at went on sale.  He moved with lightning speed to grab it for me.  Both items were shipped so I didn't get hit with customs or high shipping costs.  The items weren't cheap either.  I would definitely recommend working with him if there's something you need.  I plan on working with him again myself. 

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** Service was required by kindofyoung by request this month

kindofyoung was articulate in his communication and detailed the necessary steps for his service. He was also attentive and very flexible in what items were going to be ordered.
Accommodating also his recommendation of his country's national post service as an economical shipping method. Thank you.
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