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Nice shoes for a dwarf

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Hi my friend is a dwarf and he always have trouble finding shoes let alone good ones (he has short and very wide feet). Which is unfortunate because he likes fashion in general. Does anyone know any cobblers around London that could make bespoke shoes at an affordable price?


The main thing is for it to be cheap and not necessarily top of the range. He's after a nice pair of dress shoes that fits him. The target is sub £200. Is this possible?


Thanks in advanced

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Are you trolling me or Dopey?
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I know the price range is not realistic at all and I know this is something some sick individual will say for a prank but its not. I live with a housemate who is a dwarf and when we chat we frequently talk about fashion. He then usually mentions that he needs a black pair of dress shoes he could wear with a suit and he has asked me if I know any cobblers that he could go to. Hence why I came here to ask.

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It's unfortunate that the term "dwarf" has been used so much in fantasy and fiction that people forget it also refers to a medical condition.

I assume off-the-rack children's shoes won't do? Bespoke shoes certainly won't come for that price.

Edit: It would be useful if you could specify exact sizes needed.
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I'm not sure if this is a serious question or if it's for the "lawlz," but I'm sure that there's a serious issue behind it. I'm not sure of any specific places, but in London, there have to be some. What sizes and types of shoes are you talking about?

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Hi thank you very much for the reply. Sorry I should have explained it better. My friend has worn children's shoes to avoid the shoe problem for much of his life but they tend to be low quality since most of them are designed to be grown out of. So part of the reason the budget is approximately £200 is because he wishes he could wear a nice adult quality shoes for once. He is currently wearing a size 2 with very wide fitting. Much wider than G, in fact the side of his feet 'balloons' out on his normally fitted trainers substantially.


It could be children's shoes if the quality is as high as an entry level nice shoes (like Loake essentials etc...) and the fit is wide enough.


He plans to wear it with suits so I think black oxfords may be the best solution.


Any ideas?

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There are probably some decent cobblers in Asia that could do a very good job for 200 pounds. I have no idea how shoe measuring works...could he get his feet measured in London and then send the measurements to a cobbler?

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Ah good point correct me if I am wrong but Vietnam is quite famous for cheap tailored shoes. Does anyone know any good cobblers in Asia?
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Ask him to measure his feet so you can work out exactly which size he needs. Allen Edmonds make a lot of wide sizes, up to EEE according to their website, though I suspect they will probably not be wide enough.
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Thank you all for your responce. I'll check out Allen Edmonds and ask my friends in Asia for local cobblers. I'm not familiar with the brand but I've heard a lot of good things about them on this forum so I'll send them an email.


Thank you all for your help especially those who believed in me (it really took me by surprise that people thought that I was trolling).


Those who thought I was trolling please remember that the world is not full of imbeciles that intends to insult those less fortunate than others.


Again thank you for your help :)

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