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Recommendations for thick dress socks

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Ive done some research and see Smartwool and Goldtoe mentioned quite a bit. The problem is the model of each brand is never mentioned, so I have no clue which to look at. Im mainly looking for thick dress socks due winter and my new dress shoes being a bit too big. Any recommendations on brand and model name will be appreciated..    

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The Allen Edmonds wool dress socks tend to run thick compared to Polo or Pantherella.
Here's an example:
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I'm wearing Pantherella today, I find them the best.

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Falke Lhasa, although a bit short. It is possible that Falke have other models in wool/cashmere blend that are longer.
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I'd visited this thread and others in a longstanding quest for the same. I was looking for something really nice and thick (for my bony feet), over-the-calf length, that also would come in something other than plain conservative solids. Finally had a eureka moment and went looking for ski socks:


Got the socks today and love them. Lorpen's M fits my (skinny) size 10 feet great, they're thick, and if all of their socks didn't appear to be sold out across the web, you could find them in everything from argyle to houndstooth (and camo?).


Also found these today and decided to try a set because why not, they're dirt cheap:

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I do not know wheter they still stock them but
Marks and Spence make ( made) very thick
knee-high dress socks. They got me through
many winters in Chicago where I had to walk
several blocks from the train to work.
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Polo and Venanzi merino OTC wool are quite can buy them in 3-packs, or PM me for the ones I will be selling soon!
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