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How often do you wash your hair?

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how often do you all wash your hair?
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Every 2nd day usually. That is what my hair dresser recommended to me.
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Every 2-3 days.

Usualy ever 2 in the summer though.
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I used to wash every day, or atleast every day that I used product but lately i've been only washing my hear twice per week and noticed that it's much healthier and shinier (not greasy). I think I was overwashing and stripping the oils from my hair. Also, I dye it fairly often (premature greys) and that has really dried it out too. I try not to use product every day, only when necessary so that I only need to wash it 2 or maybe 3 times per week (of course, I shower daily and atleast rinse it off in hot water but only use shampoo 2-3 x per week now).

I've noticed a definite improvement.
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Every day.
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I give each of my four hundred thirteen hairs a thorough cleaning each and every day.
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Pretty much every day. My hair's thick, on the long side (well, on the long side compared to my professional peers, anyway) and prone to ridiculous cowlicks. If I don't wash it it tends to feel "heavier" and is more prone to stick out in absurd directions. Sometimes I'll skip washing it on the weekend to give it a break, but most weekend days I go to the gym or work out, and I always wash it after that.
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Every other day. Best thing ever.
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Usually twice a day, shower before work and then after swimming my laps at lunch.
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two showers a day
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i shower every day, but only wash my hair once a week at most. of course, i dont comb it either... or do anything to it but run my fingers thru it to keep the dreadlocks out. its been at least 6 months since i cut it last.

ive found my hair is straight for a day after i wash it, then it starts to curl. i perfer it curly. so do the womenz.
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twice a week. More in summer.
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I think it is important to note how long you hair is. I have hair down to my shoulders and wash it everyday. I know when I had short hair once a week was fine. I'm going to try ever other day from reading this thread though.
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every 2 or 3 days.. kind of on an as needed basis. I've noticed that after my hair got trained to being washed more frequently, it took less time for it to get greasy after a shower. Now it takes almost 3 days to get greasy at all with no product.
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Whenever my hair gets dirty. My hair is best 'the day after' a shampoo. Normallly, I would shampoo every 2 days.
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