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Originally Posted by whnay. View Post

That would be awesome, thank you.
Inside Claridge's - episode 3 - airs 2100 on 17/12


Made a note. Will be in touch shortly after.

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What proxy is best for torrenting?
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Why would you need a proxy for torrenting? In case you think it's safe, it's not. In case you want to download something, please just use one click hosters. And do some research beforehand.
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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post

Also, ABP won't work on all the popups on that site you recommended. Your screen will still be filled with porn. 

It's still safer to look for torrents of favorite shows, or use a proxy to view the legit site.

Who watches TV live anymore anyway?

Sorry, but Crabby Patty Blos wins this round. No porn. no pop ups.
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You must be doing something wrong.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post

What proxy is best for torrenting?

You don't need a proxy but a VPN is a good idea.

Can somebody else try that site b!os keeps spamming so we can see if they put their popups on again?
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How old are you? I mean, seriously. How can somebody be that annoying? Are you so bored? Or do you have to be right everytime? You're really close to be on my ignore list, something I haven't even considered in the past 1.5 years on SF.
Anyway, OP's problem is settled. And if he wants to see it live too, he knows where to watch.
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No, if he goes to that site the chances are very good that his screen will be flooded with popups and porn. Mine was. Twice. And that's with ABP installed on two browsers. If the OP had to ask about these things he may not even have ABP installed. Yet you insist that he goes to this site where he'll have to click away at porn popups.

I don't need to be right all the time. But I'm not going to change my narrative of what happened when I visited that site, because of your mention of it here, to make you feel better. Plus there were other solutions better for the OP, including one he ended up choosing, that will not involve his computer being hijacked by porn ads. Meanwhile, you continue to push this site, which based on my experience is harmful. Also meanwhile, you wildly exaggerate the hazards involved with file sharing.

As it stands the OP is getting what he wants thru the help of another forum member. If he does want to watch it live for some reason, he can use a VPN like Astrill, Expat Shield or Boxpn and then visit the BBC live stream. One thing he probably should not do is visit that site you recommended. He would risk having his screen filled with porn popups.

Personally I don't understand why you have so much emotional investment in whether either of us are right or wrong, but it is amusing.
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Ah what the heck, I've already posted more than necessary in this thread so one more post won't hurt.

First of all, ads can be closed. No biggie.
Second of all, there were no ads for me, nor for NorCal.
Thirdly, the site is clean.
Fourth, dave's offer is great. But to the time I was offering my help, without further information, all that OP was asking for was a way to watch UK tv. Live. (and again, I recommended using a VPN to watch the stream too.. so I don't see why you'd say I didn't help -- "there were other solutions better for the OP"; not that I'd care what you'd think, I just like to question your arguments)
Five, I'm not sure in which country you live in. I can only speak for Germany. But people are regularly sent "Abmahnungen" by lawyers who work for Sony BMG, Universal, Warner Brothers and so on because said people downloaded some file via a torrent. The fine is about 500-1000€. If you don't mind paying that amount of money, that's fine. But suggesting this to someone who, according to you, likely doesn't even know how to use an AdBlocker (which you don't either, apparently, since you can't even surpress popups), is incredible to me. Moreover, I don't think SFs policies want you to explicitly and publicly suggest warez.
Sixth, to this day, I have never used this website. It's just that dough or doughboy (the guy who likes to rant) posted about this website, I had a quick look and it seemed nice. I can't say any different now. Stream quality is decent. I had no popups, ads or whatever. And even if there were popups and ads it wouldn't matter. Pretty much all streaming websites have these since they have costs to cover and likely want to earn a cent or two.
Lastly, I still don't see how you've helped this thread other than increasing the necessary post count form 4 to 39.
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Does this mean I get the last word now?
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But b!os wants to drown us all in porn.

You know, the Germans are obsessed with spreading porn. I remember my first big airplane trip, they had all these German magazines on board. One was called "Der Speigel", and it had porn in it. They said it was an ad for bathroom fixtures, but there was a naked lady in it.

The Germans put those magazines on our planes to get people hooked on porn. Then they send out free tickets to Berlin, where they drive you to this place over by the Olympic stadium, wher they make you get massaged by Turkish guys and dunk you in a cold pool and then they make you eat at this buffet where nobody wears anything but bath robes that are two sizes too small.
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Also, I forgot to mention that when they took me to Berlin, I could see though my blindfold while in the car, and there were these ad kiosks everywhere with some bearded guy yelling "DAS IST MEIN LADEN!"

I think maybe Germany is in cahoots with the terrorists.
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You seem mentally unstable. Thanks for making it clear. That actually explains a lot.
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I was traumatized by German Porn. If that makes me crazy, then so be it. You are a menace!
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