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Watching UK TV in the US over the internet...

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Anyway to do it? Everytime I try to access content on BBC I can't view.
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If you don't want to deal with popups while trying to watch, there is always that certain Swedish site everyone loves. I was able to catch up on Spooks, Sherlock, Luther, Black Mirror, etc, long before US DVD releases. There are UK users who tape episodes off the air and immediately put them up. 

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What popups do you mean? Like, Adblock-avoidable popups?
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Um, yes, not everyone uses an ABP compatible browser. 

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Cause it's so difficult to download Firefox, Chrome or whatever.

@OP: Do you by any chance mean the media library of In that case you'd either need a UK proxy or VPN.
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Also, ABP won't work on all the popups on that site you recommended. Your screen will still be filled with porn. 


It's still safer to look for torrents of favorite shows, or use a proxy to view the legit site.


Who watches TV live anymore anyway?

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1. Why do you shit up the thread? If he wants to watch UK TV so be it. Who are you to judge?
2. Why do you explicitly recommend warez on this board?
3. Torrents are about the least safe thing you could use. To recommend them is nuts. Unless of course you don't mind being busted.
4. I don't see no porn. If you do, that's perverse.

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Wow. You're crabby today.


Downloading a torrent from trusted users on Pxxxxe Bxy is no less ethical or hazardous than using that site you're recommending.


I went to that site with my Chrome browser, and it immediately filled up with porn. Then I installed ABP and restarted and it still filled up with porn. Then I started up Firefox, which already had ABP installed, went to the site and it filled my screen with porn again. 


Why are you trying to drown us all in porn? This is ridiculous. 


On a side note, I actually find ABP more useful for slurping pics I'm not supposed to download from slideshows and the like.

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I'm not crabby. You're just annyoing. Why don't you stop already? I've actually shown proof that I do not see any porn. I don't know what you're doing wrong, but I don't really care either.

Re: torrents. You know that warez are illegal in most countries, right? And sharing is much worse than leeching. When using torrents you're both leeching and sharing. You can easily be busted. In case you block your upload, well, then you don't understand the principles of torrents.
Again, not sure why I'm explaining this to you since you haven't added anything beneficial to the topic.
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You posted a screen shot of the website, That doesn't really prove anything. 


All I did was offer some advice and experience which happened to conflict with yours. It was not meant to be a commentary on your expertise, brain size, or penis size.


The occasional download of a torrent of a missed tv episode is highly unlikely to get anyone in trouble. Now if you regularly download and seed first run movies or porn (which I don't - the only one mongering porn in this thread appears to be you), and your provider cooperates with copyright holders, then yes, you could get hit with a lawsuit. But OP isn't asking to do that. 


As it is, websites which bypass region restrictions for streaming media are in greater legal jeapordy. And, apparently, fill your screen with porn. 



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Not sure if serious anymore. You clearly do not understand the legal side of it....
And JFYI, I don't get any popups when I use IE. And I don't have any add on for that. So like I said, you're doing something wrong.
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Yes, evidently. Like visiting the site in the first place. LOL

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Porn aside, how do you figure this television streaming site is any less illegal than a torrent site?

edit: Anyway, Father Ted is already up on youtube, so I don't know what all this fuss is about.
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