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Hello to all,


I'm new to the forum and this is my first post.


I am getting married at the end of April next year and I would like to get a suit made for the occasion.


I have decided on MTM rather than fully bespoke, primarily due to budget. I am looking at getting a 3 piece, 2 button, fairly slim fitting suit and my absolute maximum budget is £1000. Ideally I would like a fully floating canvas suit that has been made in the UK.


I live near Newcastle and after searching online for reputable tailors the closest I could find were Steed, based in Cumbria and Higgins and Brown based in Leeds.


Steeds MTM 3 piece suits start at £895 (if you make the journey), they are fused and are made in the Czech Republic.

Higgins and Brown MTM 3 piece suits start at £599 and are made in Leeds. I'm not sure how their MTM range is constructed as it doesn't say on the site but I will give them a ring and find out.


From searching online, I know that Steed has a good reputation but I am struggling to find any reviews on Higgins and Brown and there aren't any photos on their site. Has anyone had any suits made by either Steed or Higgins and Brown and if so how did they turn out? Also if anyone has had suits made by other tailors in the North of England (as far down as Manchester) I would be very interested in hearing about their experiences.


Thank you.