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Antonio Mauritzi wingtips opinion needed

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I was wondering if I can get some opinions. I bought a pair of these Antonio Mauritzi wingtips for $100. I can't decide whether to keep them or sell them and look for a used pair of AE McAllisters. I think McAllisters in good used condition go for around $130 on ebay so it'd be close to a wash. Opinions? New Mauritzis or used AEs? Thanks!
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I found a pair of Antonio Maurizi shoes at DSW. They looked great, fit great, and were a good price. However, the build quality on them were absolutely garbage. I think I paid $150 for them, and don't think it was worth it. After about 10 wears, the stitching started to come undone. The leather quality seemed rather poor for a shoe that supposedly has a retail price north of $500.

That being said, I have three pairs of Allen Edmonds, and I wear a hell out of them, and they hold up marvelously.

I would never ever buy another Antonio Maurizi, but would certainly buy many more Allen Edmonds in the future.

Just my opinion.
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For $100 bucks new, it's definitely worth keeping. The last on the AM is sleeker IMO. Where did you get it?


As for AEs, keep an eye out for Amazon sales. You can score a new McAllister for under $200

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I got them during a doorbuster Black Friday sale on gilt.
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they look nice
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can't see anything regarding its construction and such, but at the price point, its a good disposable pair of shoes.

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