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I've recently decided to upgrade my wardrobe (pretty much starting from scratch!) and so I've bought a few items including a couple of decent pairs of shoes. From articles and posts I've read, shoe trees are recommended so I bought some fairly cheap ones earlier today.


However, I was just worried whether they could damage/stretch the shoe, particularly because of the the handle which I hadn't seen on other shoe trees (see link below). I'm probably overthinking this but I didn't want to damage my new shoes so thought I'd post it here to check.


I'm a bit annoyed as the company sold me the shoe trees in an incorrect size. I noticed just in time but I assume if you use a shoe tree larger than the actual shoe it may damage the shoe? If so, I'll return them tomorrow and complain a bit as I would have been fairly peeved if they damaged them! Perhaps I'm being OTT.


Also, as a separate point, I've used the search function and people seem to talk about using rubber overshoes to protect your shoes from rain / show. Is this common as I've never seen them where I work? I assume you should use them as otherwise the rain/snow will damage the shoes?


Would be grateful for any help.