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Authenticate these Ferragamo loafers

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From the pictures above can you tell if these are real? And if so, are they too worn out to be worth paying for?



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Those are too worn out, I reckon. It's bad for your feet to wear something somebody else has broken in / beaten up.

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Real, whether they're worth paying for depends on how much is being asked, and the idea that it's bad for your feet is BS. Might be a little awkward at first as your feet break them in, but the same characteristics that allow leather to form to the first owners foot will allow it to form to yours. I've bought and worn used shoes many times without any trouble, good way to get nicer shoes for cheap. The soles look to be in okay shape, which probably means that they'll look a lot better with shoe trees and a polish.

Weird shoes though. I wouldn't buy that design for myself, even apart from my standard dislike of bit loafers. And the fact that the first photo makes them look like a size 14AAA.
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I would run from these as quickly as possible. Style and condition suggests you could do better no matter what the price may be.
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They certainly seen better days. Might be OK for some vagrant or tramp, who hasn't got anything better.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Sweet - I wasn't aware of that the same model came in a part fur version. Still looks rather terrible though.
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Thanks for the input guys. I'm probably going to pass on these.
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