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Toronto Tailor Recommendation

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I have a suit that is on the large side for me. Quite a bit so I think. The shoulders are good, but it was bought on the recommendation of the salesman that felt that given my age (mid 20's at the time) and very slim (yet broad-shouldered) physique, that I should go with a loose-fit suit rather than a more tailored looking suit.


I have always felt like I'm "swimming" in it. It was a gift from my father-in-law and it means a lot to my wife and I, so I want to be able to wear it and feel good about it and let it become something I still wear when I have 10 other choices.


I'm 30 now, and I've been mistaken for 28 years old since I was 18, but I feel like - when wearing this suit - my clients make more comments on my age than I've ever heard in my life - and some of these clients are only a year or two older than me! So I can't help but feel that I am perceived as a kid playing dress-up in daddy's clothes.


I need a recommendation for a tailor in the Toronto / GTA area that is able to work wonders with suits that need to be taken in quite a bit. My concern is where the pockets will end up if it gets taken in too much, etc. So I need someone that knows what they are doing, and isn't afraid to make drastic changes to make it fit as best as he can given the situation.


I've looked at all the "recommended tailors" comments and stuff all over the internet, but I realize that every tailor has their strengths and weaknesses, so I'd like to go to the one that is most likely to give me the result I'm looking for.


Thoughts? Thanks! :-)

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Caruso (Danforth) and Jean Paul (Yorkville) are the ones I heard about a number of times. Any feedback?

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I'm not sure about how much you need it altered.. I've had decent experiences with House of Rome in Woodbridge and Alta Moda by Paolo Crea. But I did purchase a suit from both before bringing stuff in for alterations.. they are also both quite picky and sometimes refuse to work on glued suits due to the amount of labor they say is involved.


That being said.. you may be better off getting a new suit made. I'd vote that you go to Sultan's Fine Fabrics near Yorkdale (he supplies most of the tailors in Toronto including those mentioned above as well as bigger names such as Garrison downtown). He will be able to provide you a good deal on fabric as well as recommend a tailor to you (and help you get a good deal).


Can PM me for details if needed.

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